The wonderfully encrypted poems of American Proper walk a fine line between private speech and public utterance, accumulating into a sense of a self being put together before my eyes, an identity constructed by the poems themselves, their music and imagination, their independence from the received.  — Bob Hicok, horse of a different feather

Jennifer Merrifield’s poems fracture the expectation of strict narrative.  Here, readers will find unusual images juxtaposed to stunning effect. Merrifield has a knack for selecting the telling detail that will illuminate while not giving everything away, so there is still work for the reader to do. That work pays off in insights and shimmers of recognition. These are muscular, ambitious poems.   — Margot Schilpp, author of The World’s Last Night and Laws of My Nature

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Interrogatory No. 4: Pre-Fabrication” (Winner of the Columbia Poetry Prize)

Postscript” (Winner of the Editors’ Select Prize)   
Answering the Whistle, the Glare”   
Dusk Approaching the Bridge Between

Natural Bridge’s Featured Emerging Writer: 5 Poems & an Interview with Me
Dear Slipknot—
Image in the Current
Cold Harbor
Picnicking in Dorset Park
Breathing Underwater

What Lingers

Harpur Palate
[Absent as if possessed as if not quite there]
Conspadamo, Artery and Eyelet

"American Proper"

Words & Images
We are needles. We thread ourselves..."

Controlled Burn
"A Legato Passage"

Terminus Magazine
Insomnia or Something Like It

Fourteen Hills (a NewPages review of my poem in Vol. 12 No. 2)
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Visions of the Imagined World (an omnibus chapbook review): Kate Greenstreet, GC Waldrep, F. Daniel Rzciznek, Idra Novey, Benjamin Scott Grossberg
(blackbird v5n2)

A Shot in the Canon’s Mouth: Catherine Wing’s Enter Invisible

Gin & Bleach by Catherine Wing

An Interview with Allison Joseph (text and audio)

Hip Logic by Terrance Hayes

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